Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Medical History and the Adoptee...the gift that keeps on giving

Our family is currently going through something that would be incredibly difficult to even start to process, diagnose, or understand without even a modicum of medical and family history. As it is, I can't provide my daughter's doctor with enough information to satisfy. I am however lucky enough to have nfam that I can ask. Every available family member has been duly quizzed, and poked and prodded within an inch of their tolerance I do believe. A big part in diagnosing what is going on with my baby girl, is having a strong family history of it. At least the history gives them an idea of where to start.

It's at this time that I think of every adoptee out there who has no inkling of their medical history, not of their choice, but a situation forced on them, and the effect it can have echoing down generations to come. I think too of the adoptees who don't care to search, and what "gems" might be in their history that may affect their children, or their grandchildren, so on so forth.

Those who say genetics don't matter can kiss my everlovin butt. Because they do. Especially when someone's health and well being are up in the air.